GSVR Charitable Trust

Endowment Management               

The GSVR Club has five trusts, endowments or charitable associations under its management.  A Board of Trustees composed of Ron Schoenberger, Maria Trunkenbolz, Casey Getty, Bill Roe and Paul Fletcher provide fiduciary oversight of the funds.  Annual giving budgets are established by taking 5% of the 30 June balance in the accounts which allows for a slow growth of the funds.  The monies are invested either in Washington Trust Bank or with Edward Jones.  All of these accounts are part of the Rotary District 5080 Charitable Association which provides an IRS Code 501(c)(3) status so that any charitable donations to the trusts, endowments and associations are tax deductible.  Gary Bowe, a former member and the District 5080 Treasurer, provides all bookkeeping and tax service for the funds. 

Annual giving includes:

  • Scholarships for High School graduates.
  • Grants to community Social Service and Humanitarian Organizations 

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